Shoot Two Geese

(extracted from <<The Whole World is a Single Flower>>)

During a stay at the Empty Gate Zen Center in Berkeley, Zen Master Seung Sahn told the following story: "One day, a hunter was walking in a field. Suddenly, two geese flew overhead. He reached for an arrow and shot it from his bow. One goose fell. The hunter wanted to shoot again, but he had no more arrows. So he drew his empty bow and shot. The second goose also fell."

1. How do you shoot the empty bow?
2. Why did the second goose fall?


One day, a father and his son go for a drive. Their car is hit by a truck. The father is killed, and the son is taken to the hospital. When the son is wheeled into the emergency room, one of the doctors gasps, shouting, "Oh my God, that’s my son!" How could that be?