What is reincarnation?

During a kong-an interview, a student asked Sifu an important doctrinal question.

Student: Sifu, what is reincarnation?

Sifu: Just right now where did you come from?

Student: The Dharma room.

Sifu: This is reincarnation.

Student: Hahaha. Thank you, Sifu, for your teaching.


Past and Future depend on this very moment. Past cannot be fixed. Future not yet come. Only this very moment is what we need to take care of. When good and bad appear in front of us, they are not for us to attach to them. Correctly use this good and bad to make correct life. Correct life means to make use of this moment and become clear with love and wisdom. That is why in Zen we say past and future do not exist. We only have this moment. This is how we truly use reincarnation.