A small fish in a big pond

March 1993, Hong Kong

This moment world has no good, no bad, no coming, no going, no like, no dislike, no correct, no not correct, only this moment. If this moment is mistake, then next moment make it correct. That name is moment world.

Moment world has no past, no present, no future. Has no attain or not attain. Has no true self, has no not true self. Has only that moment. If you want to attain this moment, don’t check anything. Don’t be a small fish in a big pond that muddies the water for all the other fish.

This small fish, yon know, live in a big pond, among many fish, and water is very clear. Most fish, are swimming, only taking care of their business. But one small fish, doesn’t understand anything: where is my food? Where is my sleeping place? If this small fish only went straight, not so much muddied this water, then no problem. But this small fish, very frantically checking up and down, left and right, behind, everywhere, so whole pond becomes dirty. That’s this world.

“Small I” means that small fish. This small fish only I want, I want, I want... human beings are also the same. This girlfriend, that girlfriend...This kind of food makes me healthy and strong. Then no, another food, another kind of medicine, another kind of practicing. Ah, this fish said this day: I like sutra. Next day: I like bowing. Ah, bowing is no good, I must meditate. Around, around, around, around...That’s how this small fish dirtied this big pond. So this big fish in this pond means “Big I”. In this world, only necessary time, move. Not necessary time, not move. So if you keep that mind this water is always clear.

Zen says: keep a not moving mind. It means keep not attachment mind and everything is no hindrance, my whole life, nothing is a hindrance. If something is necessary, do it. If something is not necessary, don’t do it. But very clear, human beings must understand when to do and when not. Is it really necessary to do that? Or it is just our thinking, ideas, situations, and like or dislike? So human being should attain our true self. Then all our action, our thinking, everything is clear. That time, even if we make a mistake, the mistake is clear. Then it is very easy to make correction. But if we make mistake and the mistake is not clear, we cannot make it correct. If we do not attain our true self, our whole life is mistake after mistake, after mistake... that name is suffering. Because of checking, so the whole life is around, around, around, around, non-stop.