2018 Winter Kyol Che Participant Sharing: Ran from Israel

Ran Gutterman

Ran from Isreal

My name is Ran, I’m from Israel, and I came to Gak Su for the first 3 weeks of the winter retreat. I’ve been practicing for 2 years, also with a Kwan Um Zen group in Israel. I wanted to experience a long Zen retreat so I traveled to the East and decided to attend the retreat in Gak Su. 

Before the retreat, I practiced mainly by myself and my practice was very unstable and my direction not clear. 

When the retreat started, in the first week it was very calming and the attitude that was led by the teachers Sifu (Zen Master Dae Kwan) and Myong Hae Sunim JDPS was very gentle and relaxing and it helped me really to calm down and quiet my mind. 

In the interviews with the teachers I could ask them questions about things I was not clear about and it helped me tremendously, to become aware of my attachments and to direct my practice. 

Also, the schedule is just amazing, It is so considerate. there were 2 short exercise periods each day to refresh and relax the body from the sitting, and one Seon Yu and stretching exercise period each day. There was also each day a self-practice period, when you can sit and walk outside in the monastery area and experiment with yourself and enjoy the mountain. 

During the retreat I was able to become aware of a lot of attachments and habitual ways of thinking and acting that I have, which I was not aware of before.

I am very happy with the retreat and would highly recommend to attend a retreat in Gak Su with its two great and clear teachers - Sifu (Zen Master Dae Kwan) and Myong Hae Sunim JDPS, and really hard working and lovely Sunims and Haengja Nims. 

Thank you very much for the experience and I would love to come back in the future for another retreat with you.

Putting palms together, 
Ran Gutterman