Notice — Beware of identity theft and fraudulent use of your email address and phone number

There have been recent cases where our Zen Center’s members, precept students, and volunteers’ names, phone numbers or email addresses have been illegally obtained and falsely used to sign up for the Zen Center’s events. Stolen identities have been used to make false claims on social media about the Zen Center’s monastics, members, precept students and volunteers.

The Zen Center has not made any speculation or response towards the perpetrators. In order to prevent sincere practitioners and members from further scams, we urge our community to raise our awareness surrounding this issue, and keep our personal information private. If your name, phone number or email address has been stolen and used for Zen Center or other related activities, please report this to the Zen Center at once.

In order to alert everyone, we have posted this notice to our notice board and Facebook page.

We are working with the authorities to address and prevent further fraudulent activities. We ask everyone to tightly monitor the situation, and to increase their understanding of fraud prevention for mutual support.

Su Bong Zen Monastery
15 August 2018