Modern People Sickness

200 years ago, most people understood Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism very well. They controlled their understanding, so their minds were very simple, which means their understanding and their action became one. Nowadays, people understand a lot, but they don’t practice, so they cannot control their understanding, and they become complicated. This means their understanding’s direction is one way and their action’s direction is another way. So they check, check inside and outside. They are holding something, making something, attached to something. So they are busy busy and can’t control their minds, and therefore are afraid, confused, angry, full of desires, ignorant, sad, etc… much sufferings. Finally, some people kill themselves. That is modern people’s sickness. Nobody guarantees our life. When we die, where are you going? What is life? What is death? These are primary questions. If you finish these primary questions, you are completely free, and you will get true happiness and everything.

Modern people like freedom and want happiness. Buy they don’t understand what complete freedom and true happiness are. They only understand the path of freedom and the path of happiness. Those kinds of freedom and happiness have something changing. Freedom is not freedom; there are many hindrances. Happiness is not happiness; there is much suffering. That comes from where? Only holding their idea, holding their situation and condition. If their opinion and condition and situation disappear, then correct opinion, correct condition and correct situation appear, and if they die after one hour, no problem. If you keep enough mind moment to moment this is possible. Zen is originally in our true self; there is no life, no death. If you attain your true self, you will get freedom from life and death.