Mind to Mind - Don't let our True Nature get tainted

Zen Master Dae Kwan

One student was negatively emotional with lots of anger. After practicing for a while, his character improved much, but still sometimes his karma controlled him. One day, he asked Sifu for advice.

Student : My wife is full of complaints, and she is very difficult to please. I regret marrying her.
Sifu : Have you seen people using tissue to wipe their runny nose or collect their phlegm? Would you pick up their tissue and put it in your pocket?

The student was shocked by such a question.

Sifu : Anytime we trade our ture nature for somebody else's emotions, it is like putting their used tissue into our pocket and keeping it as our own.

Student replied in a relieved voice: I've never thought of it that way.

That evening he went home and shared this teaching with his friends. From then on, his relationship with his wife kept improving.

Don't let our True Nature get tainted


Zen Master Seung Sahn always taught us not to attach to our karma or anybody's karma. These so called karma are like filthy, used tissue. It is the same with our practice. Our True Nature is always pure and clear, but we always cling to or attach to some outside situation or relationship or thinking as "I". By doing so we are collecting outside garbage as our own treasure and not let it go. A wise practitioner will not let our True Nature get tainted.