The Meaning of Precepts

Sifu was in Warsaw for Zen Master Wu Bong's 49th Day Ceremony. After the ceremony, the European sangha went out to eat. Sifu was one of the few monastics at this meal. A student came up to Sifu and offered her a glass of wine.

Student : Sifu, Zen Master Seung Sahn always taught us together-action. We do together action. You drink with us, okay?!
Sifu : I am a nun. I cannot drink alcohol. We do together-action. We don't drink, okay?!


Precepts are not about what we can do or cannot do. Precepts are about respecting our life and helping others. We don't give pork to Muslims, or guns to children. We do give morphine to cancer patients who are suffering. A calm, balanced mind is the true precept.