How to Find Our Direction in Life

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Student: How to find our direction in life?

Sifu: Let's say you want to visit Gaksu Temple. You may either walk in from the village entrance, walk up from Tai O, or walk down from the Big Buddha in Ngong Ping. Even if there is no path, as long as you're heading in the right direction, you'll reach Gaksu eventually, right?

Practice is the same as learning to live - direction matters! Even when you've taken the wrong path, as long as you have a clear and right direction, you'll be able to make amends soon and get back on the right track. That's all!

Zen means attain our true nature and help others . This is our true direction in life.

[Extracted from the Q&A session at the LCS9 Tea Zen Workshop dated Apr 29, 2018]