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Gak Su Temple International Zen Center is located in the area of Luk Wu (Deer Pond) on Lantau Island, Hong Kong, where a history of over 130 years of Buddhism has continued. Gak Su Temple is nestled in a quiet and secluded mountain haven among several practicing hermitages. Nearby is also the Po Lin Monastery Big Buddha which is a famous pilgrimage site, and several hermitages and temples dotted all over the island, where generations of monks, nuns and laypeople continue to practice.

Gak Su Temple, the first of four buildings, was originally donated to Su Bong Zen Monastery in 1997 and retreats have been held there ever since, with training for monastics, haengjas (novices) and laypeople. Over the years, three additional nearby locations: Sim Pak Lam, Jing Yu and Lotus Shelter have become part of Gak Su Temple, providing Buddha halls, dharma halls and facilities for retreat participants from all over the world.

Photo of Gak Su TempleSurrounded by mountains on either side, the view of the valley below leads to the sea and Macau in the distance. The quiet and simple surroundings provide a nurturing environment for retreats. Gak Su Temple is a place for all beings to replenish and restore both body and mind, to become one with nature, and to attain their true selves to help this world. We welcome you to come and practice with us.

Retreat participation at Gak Su Temple International Zen Center is on a requirement basis.

For information and appointments to visit Gak Su Temple International Zen Center, please contact the Su Bong Zen Monastery.

Temple Stay Program

As a precept student of Su Bong Zen Monastery, do you aspire or miss the life of practicing in the mountains?

Other than joining the silent retreat, you may also take a few days off from your busy life in town, give yourself some space to have a relaxing and fulfilling weekend by just coming to experience life in Gak Su Temple.

Every morning at 4:30 am, resident in Gak Su Temple will follow the Korean tradition and chant “Do Ryang Sok” surrounding the temple ground to wake everybody up. At 5:00 am, we will begin the day with 108 prostrations, morning chanting and sitting meditation.

Other than morning and evening chanting, there will be rice offering chanting before noon and Great Dharani chanting in the afternoon. Everyday, there is self-practice time, rest time, working meditation and exercise time. At 9:30 pm, it is time to rest and all lights will be switched off.

Unlike the intensive retreat schedule, you may find a bit more leisure staying up at the mountain during normal days. If you are interested, please apply through Su Bong Zen Monastery.

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