Freedom from Life & Death

Everybody worries about death. When we were young, our first worry was - what shall we do when our parents die? We human beings worry about that. And children worry: "How will I feel? What shall I do? Who will take care of me?" Many kinds. Then old people worry about 'When I die, where will I go? When I die, how would I feel? Would I be frightened? Would I be painful How would it be?" Then suffering.

But if you keep moment world, if your moment world is clear, then at the time your body’s changing (that means dying), if your consciousness is clear, then dying time, your body changing time, is also clear. Then you understand where did you come from, where are you going. Everything’s clear. Then, never afraid. Any moment is clear never afraid, our whole life, moment is clear, never afraid, you can do anything. So keep clear mind is necessary.

If you don’t understand, only go straight, don't know. Then this don’t know cut off all thinking. Cut off thinking is no thinking, no thinking is empty mind. But empty mind is not empty, empty mind is clear like space. Then you can see, you can hear, everything just like this, is truth. If you see clear, hear clear, you know what to do which means - your action is also clear. So if you make mistake, this mistake is also clear. If mistake is clear to you, you know how to make it correct. That’s all, that’s keep clear mind. Then your life is always correct. Even if you make mistake, your life is always correct. That name is freedom from life and death.