Following the Foot Steps of Buddha (5)

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Sangha togetherness

Sharing of all the experiences, practices, adventures and surprises throughout the trip. The final stop in Korean temple in Lumbini was the climax especially for us the organizers. Arriving late at night without lunch, millions of bugs greeting us and not enough rooms! It will be a golden memoir for me for many years to come. Even though in such critical moment, all sangha was very accommodating, totally practising follow situation and just do it!

Sorry, only have picture taken in my mind in that surreal moment.

Our visit to Dwarko Sundrani

In Bodhgaya, several of us lucky ones, myself, Corrin, Shirley, May, Do Hae, also Jeff (Bon Saeng ZM) and his wife Sheridan, had the wonderful opportunity to visit Dwarko-ji,  a living bodhisattva who spent his life living the truth and helping the poor in the region.


Following the Foot Steps of BuddhaFollowing the Foot Steps of Buddha

It was a very inspiring visit, which struck me that Dwarko-ji is already a zen master, practising "Only Don't Know, Just do it!" To him, the only one religion is the seek the truth. He was sent by his teacher 50 some years ago to go and help the poor. In the beginning, they were trying to get land and help the poor people to farm and become self-sustaining. After 15 years, he said, he realized he wasted his efforts. After the people improved their living, they go drinking. So he re-directed his efforts to education of the mind, teaching people how to live their life.