Completion is just like this!

I have been staying in the hospital for more than 6 months. The lower half of my body is now para- lyzed. Whenever spasm appears in my arms, they feel like being burnt. My speech and my memory abilities are both impaired. These are mainly attributed to an in ammatory process developed at the spinal cord but the cause of the in ammation is not known and it is not curable.
Is it because something really bad was done in my past lives that I now suffer from this sickness and pain? But at the same time I’ve got help, care and love from many people around me because of this sickness. Is it because many good things were also done in the past? I really don’t understand. Can you please teach me, Sifu!
Son Yo hap-chang

Dear Soen Yo,
The Diamond Sutra said “Past Mind cannot be attained. Present Mind cannot be attained. Future Mind cannot be attained. ” This means whatever you have done in the past it cannot be kept, what lies in the future not yet appear, even this very moment you cannot keep. No doubt there is cause and effect. What matters is that it gives us a chance to learn from our mistakes and repent not to repeat our mis- takes again and treasure what we have in hand.
All human in this planet are coming with empty handed, when we die, we cannot take anything with us. What do we do after we are born and before we die? We should learn to live and treasure our life. Treat sickness calmly as it is, since that is our karmic result. Our body can be sick, it is more important not to let our mind become sick. There is a saying in the Sutra: ‘Our Karma has no self nature; it arises only out of mind. If the mind disappears, our karma will also disappear. The only way to attain empti- ness is to let the mind and karma disappears and attain emptiness.’ In this way it re ects everything is created by mind alone. You say you have much good karma even you are sick. That is wonderful! Just simply accept their care and love with gratitude. On the other hand, treat your sickness is helping yourself to purify our past karma. Accept yourself as it is with gratitude. Good time will come when the bitterness ends. Completion is just like this!
If you can use this attitude of mind to handle all your sufferings, then you attain everyday is a good day!