Ching Ming Chanting & Special Dedication Ceremony

Ching Ming Festival is a traditional Chinese festival to pay tribute to our deceased family members and friends. From 30 March to 2 April, we will organise a Ji Jang Bosal chanting retreat at Gak Su Temple, and a special dedication ceremony will be held on 5 April for dedication of merits. All are welcome to join.

Arrangements for Dedication:

  • For dedication to deceased family members at the Ching Ming Dedication Ceremony, participants (including members and non-members) are required to fill in the dedication form and return it to the Zen Center.
  • Dedication forms and samples will be available at the Zen Center office.
  • Sponsorship for the ceremony is welcome.

Teachers: Zen Master Dae Kwan & Myong Hae Sunim, JDPSN

Date: 30 March – 2 April

(a) Ji Jang Bosal Chanting Retreat at Gak Su Temple (Registration is required and for members only. Please refer to relevant announcement for details.)

5 April (3 pm – 5 pm)

(b) Ching Ming Festival Dedication Ceremony

Place: Su Bong Zen Monastery