All Dharmas returns one


All Dharmas returns one

This story is shared by our friend Lilian, who works as a Helper in Gak Su Temple for some years.

Her family is in Philippines, but her relationship with her husband was poor. Last year her grandson was suffering from serious meningitis and stayed in hospital. When she heard this news, she was so worried and did not know what to do. Having staying at Gak Su for years, she learnt some Dharma though. She decided to bow 108 times each day for her grandson.

As an encouragement, Bon Myong Sunim gave her a mantra counter so that she could count her bows. Then she started bowing and she pressed the counter button once with her every bow. After 15 minutes, she checked the counter, the figure shown was only one! She was stunned, she thought that was impossible to have only one bow after 15 minutes bowing! She then went to Sifu and asked why and what should she do?

Sifu gave her a smile and said, "That's correct! All Dharmas returns one!" Suddenly, Lilian realized something. She just kept doing her bows. Then after some days, she phoned her daughter-in-law and knew that her grandson was fine and in good condition. She understood that Dharma can help her and her family. She thus fixed her relationship with her husband.

This year she decided to quit the job in Gak Su and go back to Philippines to stay together with her family. She also decided to take five precepts before she leave Hong Kong. May we here wish her a joyful life and her family in harmony."