You come here to become Buddha


Student: I've heard inspiring sharing from many students. If I continue to stay here to train, please do not expect that I can behave as well as those other students.
Sifu: You come here to become Buddha. You don't come here to be someone that you are not.
The student was speechless, not knowing how to respond.

Zen means wake up to our true nature.

When Hui Neng first met the Fifth Patriarch, he asked him: "Where do you come from and what do you want? Hui Neng replied: " I am a commoner from Xinzhou in Guangdong. Apart from paying my respect to you. I ask for nothing but Buddhahood.

The Fifth Patriarch tested him and said:"You are a native of Guangdong -- a barbarian? How can you expect to be a Buddha?"

Hui Neng replied: "Although people may be from the north or south, Buddha-Nature originally has no north or south.
A barbarian may be different from the Patriarch physically, but there is no difference in our Buddha Nature."

This is indeed the correct attitude for practicing Zen: attain our True Nature so that we can connect with
everyone and help each other.