3-day Retreat and 7-day "Yong Maeng Jong Jin" Intensive Week at Gak Su Temple

5/11 – 28/1 Winter Kyol Che at Gak Su

“Kyol Che” means strengthening our practice. Participants are required to put down all outside situations and practice together strongly by focusing on the formal practice of sitting meditation, chanting and bowing together. This year, we will organize a 3-month Winter Kyol Che at Gak Su Temple from 5 November to 28 January 2018. Zen Master Dae Kwan and Myong Hae Sunim JDPSN will led the retreat. Please treasure this great opportunity and join the retreat. More details about short opening and "Yong Maeng Jong Jin" intensive week are as follows:

3-day Retreat

Date: 24-26 December 2017 (Sun –Tue), participants must have prior 7-day retreat experience in Gak Su.

7-day "Yong Maeng Jong Jin" Intensive Week

Date: 26 December 2017 – 1 January 2018. There will be a bell hitting ceremony at midnight on December 31, 2017, to wake up our clear mind and allow us to welcome 2018 with the clear sound of the bell.

Please find the general information (non-intensive) of the retreat here for your reference.

If you are interested in joining the retreat, please contact our office and register.

Sponsoring the Retreat

We mainly use 4 places, the Gak Su Temple, Sim Pak Lam, Lotus Shelter and Hae Su Soen Won Monastery for our retreats. Because of the remote location and wet weather, the cost of maintaining daily operation is substantial to upkeep a satisfactory environment for holding retreats. Therefore, you are most welcome to support the costs of food, water & electricity supplies and facilities maintenance for daily and in particular, during retreats. You may also support students who have financial needs to participate in the retreat. Your contribution will be an essential support to the practice of the monastics and participants.