3 Days 2 Nights Hwa Om Song Jung Chanting

Su Bong Zen Monastery Needs Your Support

Su Bong Zen Monastery Fundraising Practice

The practice will be led by our guiding teachers and sunims. We will chant Hwa Om Song Jung non-stop for 3 days and 2 nights from September 1-3. All friends from ten directions are welcome to participate in this chanting practice.

Chanting Period:  From 10am on September 1 (Fri) to 3pm on September 3 (Sun)
Night Chanting: From 10pm to 5am; for members only
Dharma Talk: 3-4pm on September 3 (Sun)

Su Bong Zen Monastery Needs Your Support

Su Bong Zen Monastery is a place for practicing Zen meditation and resting the mind. Our city center, located in the heart of Hong Kong, offers regular Zen practice programs to thepublic. We also hold long retreats at Gak Su Temple and three additional nearby temples in Luk Wu, Lantau Island. Through Zen practice, we open our mind to attain truth, access wisdom and compassion and find the correct human way to help all beings from suffering.

The daily expenses of Su Bong Zen Monastery and our retreat temples in Luk Wu have been supported by individual donors from the ten directions. Although we sometimes lack resources and manpower, we have always held our mission to protect Lantau's natural environment and Luk Wu's more than 100 years of practicing history.

The funds raised from this year's Hwa Om Song Jong kido will be used for running our retreat centers, conserving nature, and repairing and maintaining our 70 to 90 year-old temples in Luk Wu, namely, Gak Su Temple, Sim Pak Lam, Lotus Shelter, Kin Shan Gak, and Wai Sau Yuan. We aspire to provide generations of laypeople, monks and nuns with comfortable and safe places to practice, to rest and purify their minds, and to attain their true selves.

Gak Su Temple in Luk Wu, Lantau Island

Nature does its job without making good or bad. Practicing in nature can help us put down our suffering and attachments and attain our true nature. An eminent teacher once said, "Blue sky and blue sea are Buddha's original face. The sound of the waterfall and the bird's song are the great sutras". To conserve nature is to protect our hearts. When our mind is pure, the land is also pure.

And now, we need your support. Please consider making a donation to our retreat centers so that we can continue to promote Zen practice and conserve nature, our original minds, and Zen practicing culture. We thank you in advance for your kind support.

Donation Methods

1.Donations can be made by cash, cheque, bank direct transfer or via PayPal http://www.subong.org.hk/en/25th_anniversary_donation

Please support Su Bong Zen Monastery

2. Donation form can be downloaded from here or is available from our office. Dedication form is also available from our office. Use these forms to invite your friends and families to support this fundraising -- donations of any amount are welcome. Names of donors and the dedication forms will be placed on altar for dedication till end of this year.

3. Bodhi Tree Leaf Buddha attained Enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. Therefore, we will make a Bodhi tree in the dharma hall as a wish for everyone to attain Bodhi mind, grow wisdom, and see our true nature. May our wishes be fulfilled.

Please come to Su Bong Zen Monastery and sponsor a Bodhi tree leaf for HK$300.

Donors may write their wishes on the leaves and then hang them on the Bodhi tree that is set up especially for this event. The leaves will be hung until the end of this year for dedication.