2-Day Retreat: Anapana- sati and Zen Practice


We are organizing a two-day retreat up in the hills in July. Sifu encourages all students to take this rare opportunity to practice and learn together in Nature.

In this retreat, Sifu will bring up the commonalities between Anapanasati in the Theravada tradition and the practice of Zen, so as to deepen our understanding of the ways of practice.

You can be your own master even amidst this strenuous city life!
You do have a choice. Pick up your rucksack and come up to the hills with our fellow practitioners!
Grant yourself a leisurely but fulfilled weekend, 
and attain this two-day retreat in the hills!

Teachers: Zen Master Dae Kwan, Bon Sun Sunim JDPS
Date: 27-28 July 2024 (Saturday and Sunday)
Venue: Hae-Su Zen Centre
Time: Check-in at 2pm, Saturday, and Check-out at 6pm, Sunday
Fees: $500, plus commuting expenses
Registration: Please register through Zen Center Activities Registration WhatsApp! 

For members of Su-Bong Zen Monastery and students who have completed our “Introduction to Zen Practice” Course only. Priority is given to students who have taken the Precepts