A Dream Is a Dream — Zen Master Seung Sahn

Many people get some things and don't get other things. But getting and not getting are the same. If they don't get something, they suffer; if they do get something, it will eventually disappear so they will suffer.

For example, suppose you had a dream last night and you are very attached to that dream, carrying it with you all through the day. When you were dreaming, you did not think the dream was good or bad — you were just dreaming. But later, if you like the dream, you want to carry it with you and if you don't like the dream, you want to forget it. But a dream is a dream. If you want to hold on to it or push it away, you have a problem; this is the appearance of likes and dislikes. Many people don't understand that likes and dislikes are also a dream. A sleeping dream and everyday thinking are both dreams; they do not exist. If you understand this nonexistence, then you will understand that keeping is not necessary, and pushing away is not necessary. Put it all down!