"Compass of Zen" Class for Beginners

Zen Master Dae Kwan will give a series of classes, beginning in July, based on Zen Master Seung Sahn’s Compass of Zen. The topic of each class corresponds to a key Buddhist teaching which helps students to understand the meaning therein and learn how they can apply the teaching to their daily life. This course is suitable for new practitioners.

Course in July has 4 classes. Registration is required, and priority is given to members and students of “Introduction to Zen Meditation” course. In order to gain full benefit from the class, students are encouraged to attend all classes, be on time and not to leave early.

Details are as follows:
Teacher:  Zen Master Dae Kwan
Date:      5-26 July 2018 (every Thursday)
Time:      7:30pm – 9:30pm
Place:     Su Bong Zen Monastery
Fee:       $200 (For handouts and supporting the Zen Center; there will be no refunds)





Everything comes from Zero


Awareness is Precept


Samadhi like Roly Poly


Prajna Ship of Wisdom

Please collect registration form from our office or download registration form in PDF format or desktop fillable Word format (not in mobile). The filled form can be submitted or emailed to our Zen center.

*The course will continue, tentatively, on 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 August. Details will be announced soon.

**The Su Bong Zen Monastery reserves the right of final decision on the arrangements for all activities.