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Reflections from a recent retreat at Gak Su Temple

Minh Ngan Tran

As I sat this Winter Kyol Che at Gak Su Temple, a big question appeared: All the Zen Masters are always talking about clear mind. What is this for? Why should we always keep clear mind?

Su Bong Zen Monastery 20th Anniversary

Su Bong Zen Monastery

Thankful for the support of teachers and sunims of Kwan Um School of Zen, as well as sunims and guests from Korea and dharma friends of 10 directions, activities to commemorate 20th Anniversary of Su Bong Zen Monastery was held successfully in November. We would like to share the happy moments with you here!

The sky is blue. The tree is green

Elsa Leung

The sky is blue. The tree is green

The sky is blue. The tree is green



(Chinese Only)


Returning to the Root - on the Road in Korea with the Sangha

Won Do Shim

Without the Root, the Tree is not a Tree

Without the Trunk, the Tree is not a Tree
Without the Leaves, the Tree is not a Tree
So, which is more important, the Root, the Trunk, the Leaves?


For the Year of the Dragon

Su Bong Zen Monastery

For the Year of the Dragon
In 1976, the Year of the Dragon, Zen Master Seung Sahn had written a poem like this :

Here is Jin, which is Truth.
Jin Song means True Pine Tree-
True Pine Tree has no roots.
Jin Kwang means True Light-
True Light has no shadow.

Jin Um means True Sound-
That is the sound of the flute with no holes.
What does it mean?
If you find the dragon's tooth hair
Then show it to me;
Then I'll tell you that 1976
Is the year of the Dragon.

2012 is also a dragon year. How can the above poem help us in this year of 2012?

Following the Foot Steps of Buddha (3)

Wai Hing

When I was small, I like my grandmother or my mother to scratch my back before I go to sleep.  Now my grand-daughter, Candice likes me to scratch her back before she sleeps.

Following the Foot Steps of Buddha (5)


Sharing of all the experiences, practices, adventures and surprises throughout the trip.  The final stop in Korean temple in Lumbini was the climax especially for us the organizers.  Arriving late at night without lunch, millions of bugs greeting us and not enough rooms!   It will be a golden memoir for me for many years to come. Even though in such critical moment, all sangha was very accommodating, totally practising follow situation and just do it!

跟隨佛陀的足跡 (1)


(Chinese Only)

印度之旅實多太多值得回味的畫面 – 恆河的日出、菩提加耶的菩提樹下、那蘭陀大學的紅磚、靈鷲山上的山洞、拘尸那羅的孤兒學校、藍毘尼的韓國寺院…都令我覺得不枉此行