The Rhythms of Zen

Minh Tran

While sitting this year's winter retreat at Gaksu, one word kept appearing in my mind – rhythm. The more I observed the retreat with this word in mind, the more rhythms I noticed. It seems that there is a rhythm to every aspect of our Zen practice, and these rhythms become more and more pronounced as we sink deeper and deeper into the retreat.

4:30 a.m. The first moktak sounds. Everyone jumps out of bed, folds their sheets and blankets, and heads downstairs to brush their teeth and wash their faces.

Insights from Practice – A Wonderful Journey

Fat Chi

Insights from Practice – A Wonderful Journey

Put down anger, put down dissatisfaction, put down tension, put down stress, put down internal knots, put down stubbornness, put down thinking, put down emotion, put down my opinion, put down expectations, put down craving, put down discriminating mind, put down right and wrong, put down good and bad...