When is the Sun Happy?

One morning, Zen Master Dae Kwan had a phone conversation with a student:

Student: Good morning, Sifu!

Sifu: Good morning. Your voice sounds very happy!

Student: It is because the sun is shining happily!

Sifu: When is the sun happy?

(Student was stunned, then laughed out loud….)

Student: When it rises from the East and sets on the West.

Sifu: Then every day, you should offer your happiness to everybody.

Student: Thank you Sifu for your teaching!

Commentary: Nature has no happy or unhappy.  If you are happy, then anything that you see brings you happiness.  If you are sad, any beautiful thing in front of you will not make you happy.

If we use this happiness as an offering to share with others, then this is like the sun.  The sun’s job is to shine in all directions even when the clouds are obscuring it.  This happiness from our true nature, which is more powerful than sunlight, can shine into people’s mind.  This is the greatest offering