Bear the Consequences

One day, a student asked Zen Master Dae Kwan a very interesting question:

Student: My son likes “Nike” very much. Every corner of his room is “Just do it”. If everything we do we just do it, does this mean that we could just do anything without planning or thinking?/p>

Sifu: You can say that one can do anything, but whatever you do, there is cause and effect. Good cause makes good effect; bad cause makes bad effect. The most important point is that when you do something, are you willing to bear the consequences?


Zen Master Seung Sahn very often explains to us that trees understands trees’ job; the Sun understands the Sun’s job, and the moon understands the moon’s job. They all just do it without “I” want.

Only humans don’t understand their original job. That is because humans don’t understand correct situation, correct relationship and correct function. Humans lack this understanding because our actions are often tainted by desire, ignorance and greed.