Contemplating Emptiness

A question was raised to Zen Master Dae Kwan via Zoom on the last day of a 90-day winter retreat at Gak Su Temple.

Student: How can I contemplate emptiness during meditation?

At that time Zen Master Dae Bong was the guest teacher and was drinking his tea.  Seeing that, Zen Master Dae Kwan answered the question.

Sifu: Zen Master Dae Bong drinking his tea is the best answer to your question.  If you want to experience emptiness, pour some water into your cup and drink it.  After drinking, there is no more water in the cup.  This is how you contemplate emptiness in your practice.

Zen Master Dae Bong: Sifu, that was a great answer!

Everybody laughs.

Commentary: Emptiness is not a concept or idea.  Emptiness is always there.  Emptiness is like space.  Emptiness is for us to use within the space which holds the universe.  Looking at the mountains, the rivers, the moon and the stars, you will see the space around it.  This is how we contemplate emptiness in meditation.

Emptiness is for us to find the space in between the things that we use, with relationships and with ourself.  Whenever you find this space, you will find harmony.