Gak Su Temple Winter Retreat for 2021/22

You are invited to join us for the 2021/22 Winter Kyol Che. Surrounded by mountains on either side, the quiet and simple surroundings of Gak Su Temple provide a nurturing environment for retreats. Gaksu is a place for all beings to restore both body and mind, to become one with nature, and to attain their true selves and help this world.

Date: 16 Oct, 2021 – 16 Jan, 2022

Registration and Enquiry: Su Bong Zen Monastery activities registration WhatsApp or email to

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  • Registration is a must and quotas are limited.
  • Participants must have prior experience in one-day retreat in Gak Su Temple. Priority will be given to Su Bong Zen Monastery members and those who have be en fully vaccinated.
  • Please note that participants are required to observe precautionary measures in place during the retreat.