In Memory of Myong Hae Sunim JDPS

Dear students,

Our beloved Myong Hae Sunim JDPS passed away in a car accident in Lithuania on August 2, 2020.

Myong Hae Sunim JDPS was the first Buddhist nun in Lithuania. After becoming a nun in Korea in 1997, she moved to Hong Kong and was trained by Zen Master Dae Kwan. In 2016, she received "inka", or permission to teach, and became a "Ji Do Poep Sa Nim" in the International Kwan Um School and the second guiding teacher of Su Bong Zen Monastery. After becoming a teacher, she led retreats and spread the Dharma in Hong Kong, Lithuania, other parts of Europe and the United States.

Myong Hae Sunim JDPS was dedicated to Zen practice and devoted her life to the work of spreading the Dharma. We will always miss her great smile and compassionate teaching. During the first 49 days of Myong Hae Sunim JDPS' death, Su Bong Zen Monastery will organize special chanting every night to give our wholehearted dedications to Myong Hae Sunim JDPS, praying that she will always live in the Dharma light, not forget her vow, and come back to practice together with us.