Hwa Om Song Jung Fundraising Event Completed and Gratitude for Your Continuing Support

Dear all, 

Thank you very much for supporting the 3-day Hwa Om Song Jung and Bodhi Leaf Fundraising Event.

Due to the epidemic, the chanting took place at Gak Su Temple and live-streamed by Zoom. Although the format was different from previous years and not many students could participate in person, the chanting was energized by the Nature and full of Dharma joy.

We hope that you will continue to support the daily operations of Su Bong Zen Monastery and our work of spreading the Dharma. Your generous sponsorship will enable us to continue sharing Zen practice and teaching at the Zen center, Gak Su and online and help more people from Hong Kong and the other parts of the world who are eager for Buddhist teachings. Also, we will continue to organize 3-month Winter Retreat at Gak Su this year. Your sponsor will be essential. 

We are most grateful for your generous support!

Supporting Methods:

  1. Donation can be by cash, check, bank transfer or E-payment. 
    For details, please visit: https://www.subong.org.hk/en/support_su_bong_zen_monastery 
  2. Bodhi Tree Leaf Sponsorship (each HK$200): Send us your wish and we will sincerely write your wish on each dedicated Bodhi tree leaf, and hang it on the Bodhi tree that is set up in the Dharma room for dedication until the completion of winter retreat this year.

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