Accept Life As It Is

Myong Hae Sunim JPDS’s sudden passing was a great shock to our global sangha.

Zen Master Su Bong and Myong Hae Sunim JPDS both gave us great teachings of Impermanence. When “it” knocks on the door, nobody can escape it. This is the greatest teaching they gave us, so we have to treasure what we have and sincerely make the best use of our life.

Though their physical bodies are no longer with us, both teachers are always in our hearts. In fact, they are closer to us now than when they were alive. They continue to support us from a different dimension. I really don’t worry about Myong Hae Sunim anymore.

When I heard the news, inside I felt very calm and knew what to do. In fact, I could feel from my lower belly her joy of completing her job in this lifetime. She tried so hard, never gave up and left with no regrets.

As a teacher, she taught students this primary point thousands of time. Every time it was also a rehearsal for her to return to before thinking, so no life no death.

When our time comes, it is the best time to attain this point. Myong Hae Sunim completely attained this point then let go. She attained the "Hyang Eom's Up a Tree" kong-an. So I don’t feel sad for her. A few of us could feel her joy even though everyone misses her so much. She is finally free from her body and karma from this lifetime. Next life she will get a more high class vehicle to come back to this world and again practice, again become a teacher and continue to fulfil her Bodhisattva vow.

We might have lost someone very dear, someone whom we could trust and who was helpful to everyone. But we have to accept the truth that her life span was short and welcome everything as it is.

Myong Hae Sunim JDPS’s greatest teaching to us was her bright smile and strong try mind.