12/7 Zen Master Su Bong Memorial

Zen Master Su Bong passed away while giving an kong-an interview on 17th July 1994 during a retreat in Hong Kong. His death demonstrated what in Zen teaching is called “entering Nirvana while sitting or standing”.  We organize a memorial in the Sunday morning practice on 12 July, in memory of the teaching of Zen Master Su Bong. Students are encouraged to participate and share our gratitude.

Teacher:  Zen Master Dae Kwan
Date:      12 July 2020 (Sunday)
Time:      3:00pm – 4:30pm
Place:     Su Bong Zen Monastery

*Seats are limited. Please register for seating arrangement. We will also implement necessary preventative measures against the virus and should be grateful for your cooperation.

Those who will join via Zoom, please sign up through WhatsApp (No.: +852-6220-6993).  Quotas are limited.