Dedicating Together Practice for the End of Pandemic

Thank you for supporting the "Let’s Practise Together to Wish the Pandemic Would Ease Soon" campaign initiated by Su Bong Zen Monastery. So far we have collected more than 85,000 Great Dharani, 280,000 bows, and 10 million Kwan Seum Bosal.

Zen Master Dae Kwan will lead us in dedicating the completion of this campaign for all those affected by the pandemic at our Buddha Birthday Ceremony on 30 May. You are most welcome to join the ceremony and dedication through Zoom. 

We encourage everyone to continue practicing and dedicating the merit of your practice for the early cessation of the pandemic, the speedy recovery of the sick, and the favorable rebirth of the deceased.  We hope that we can all learn to better care for and support each other through this pandemic.