During a Zen retreat, a student asked Sifu a question.

Student: After practicing for a while, my mind has become sensitive to sounds. When other students chant too loudly, or when the chant is not harmonious, I would feel very uneasy. What should I do?

Sifu: Why are you willing to become a slave to sounds? When hearing a sound, where is the Master?

The student became speechless with her mouth half-open, not knowing how to respond to Sifu.

Commentary: Practicing together means training ourselves to accept the differences between us. Sensitivity has two levels: One level is where we are sensitive to the needs of others so we know how to help and support each other. Another level is where we are so sensitive to our feelings and sensations that they become obstacles. Sensitivity using us means we are controlled by it. If we use our sensitive nature to help each other, then we can reconnect with harmony and joy, which are our true master!