Bulb Light, Mind Light

One day after morning practice, one student noticed that some of the lotus lantern light bulbs had burned out. She immediately replaced them with new ones. 

Another student saw that and said to the first student: "Wow, it is so great that you are able to observe that the light bulbs burned out. How about we eat breakfast first? You can change them afterward.”

The first student did not respond, but continued to replace the light bulbs.

The second student continued: "It doesn’t matter if a light bulb had burned out. What is matter is that we have mind light.”

This first student replied: “If we have mind light, then there is no need to hang up the lotus lanterns.”

After saying this, the first student found that her response had gone to an extreme, and that it was not correct. So she asked Sifu at a later time: "Sifu, when the light bulbs had burned out, of course they have to be replaced. How does that relate to mind light? How would you have responded if you were there?"

Sifu said: “I’m sorry. I only see the bulb light, and not the mind light. Thank you for telling me this.” Everyone laughed.

Commentary: Light comes from electricity, but we cannot see electricity. When the bulb is working, then electricity can manifest itself. But when the bulb is broken, then electricity -- even if it is in the wire -- cannot manifest itself. Our Mind Light is like electricity; it is always there. Nothing can hinder our Mind Light -- not even mountains. The only things that can obscure our Mind Light from shining are our illusive thinking, ignorance, desire and anger.