Hae Su Zen Center 2-Day Weekend Retreat

Hae Su Zen Center 2-Day Weekend Retreat in April

We will be organising a two-day retreat at Hae Su Zen Center on April 20-21. You are invited to join this practice with us in the tranquil natural surrounding of our monastery.

Joining this practice would give you a chance to take two days off from your busy life in town - giving yourself space and time to have a relaxing and fulfilling weekend.

Unlike an intensive retreat schedule, this two-day retreat will be more leisurely, so as to allow time to relax and enjoy the mountain air and natural habitat at Hae Su. Do give yourself this opportunity and join us!

Teachers: Zen Master Dae Kwan, Bon Sun Sunim JDPS
Date: 20-21 April, 2024 (Saturday - Sunday)
Place: Hae Su Zen Center
Time: Sat 2pm - Sun 6pm (meet up at Tung Chung MTR station Sat 12:45pm)
Fee: $500 and transportation will be at your own expense
Registration:  Please register through Zen Center Activities Registration WhatsApp

*Applicants must have completed our "Introduction to Zen Meditation" course or have joined at least 7 days of Gak Su Temple Zen Meditation Retreat and must be our members.