Morning Practice

While Zen Center is closed because of the current public health situation, please join us for morning practice from home via this recording. Follow along with chanting by our sangha, led by Zen Master Dae Kwang, Zen Master Dae Kwan, and Myong Hae Sunim JDPS.

00:40 Morning Bell
03:00 Homage to the Three Jewel
10:35 Heart Sutra (Korean)
13:45 Thousand Eyes and Hands Sutra (Great Dharani 3X)
31:55 Kwan Seum Bosal
39:52 Sitting
43:56 Four Great Vows

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Daily Chanting
Morning Bell Chant
DSSN Evening Bell Chant
Homage To The Three Jewels
Heart Sutra (Korean)
Heart Sutra (Chinese)
Great Dharani
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Kido Chanting
Thousand Eyes And Hands Sutra
Short-Kwan Se Um Bosal